When it comes to companies working alongside and supporting Team WOW, the first step always consists “choosing one other” on the basis of shared valuesto then become partners.There are many opportunities for a partner company to enjoy visibility, for example through sponsorships, video clip productions and special initiatives organised during events.A company that sees values it identifies with in the WOW universe, will have an opportunity to share them with Team WOW, benefitting from the visibility provided from time to time by communications activities and linking their image to that of an outstanding champion. Our team manager, Michel Robert, has always set the dialogue between horse and rider at the basis of his riding , a result accomplished by staying true to the values he has found in Team WOW, a team he chose to join. Partner companies will have opportunities for connecting with sports audiences thereby reaching out to a broad target in terms of age groups, various sports disciplines and different reference categories (instructors, professionals, amateurs). There are also larger events, such as Fieracavalli Verona, that feature audiences who are fans of the sport but do not practice it, such as families as well as those who love animals, nature and a healthy lifestyle.