Young horses need time

All horses have qualities which sooner or later are revealed. Every horse sooner or later reveals its strong points: this is known as aptitude. It is therefore extremely difficult to judge young horses that are still growing. Assessing their physical and morphological aspects could at times be deceiving. At an early age, it is essentially aptitude and personality that provide us with relevant indications. The variables when training a sport horse are many and everything depends on the horse’s breeding, how it grows as well as its riders and life experiences. After all, one also sees this in families in which children of the same parents are often completely different from one another.

The most important thing one must devote to horses is time. A lack of time is the biggest issue when it comes to horses of all ages and levels, but even more so with young ones. If we take the time needed and devotes it to our horses, we will only benefit from this. Time spent at the beginning will be abundantly made up for later on. It is the only way to achieve results.

Michel Robert for Team WOW