The eyes and the seats

The best seat, one that could be defined as ‘centred’, is the one that allows us to be always ready to take any action or, on the contrary, able to remain totally neutral, hence capable of not doing anything at all and simply remaining together with the movement and balance of the horse. It is ideal to maintain a position that allows one not to have to compensate for defects with actions. Being centred in the saddle, in our basic position, enables us to advance, slow down, turn, stop… smoothly and simply with our seat. The more centred we remain, the smoother and more targeted our aids are.
To maintain the correct position and improve management even of the slightest movement in the saddle cannot exclude the use of our eyes. The use of the eyes is such a critical factor that they can determine success or failure, whether practicing over a simple exercise or riding a big track.
This aspect may allow one to achieve great results, but it can also become restrictive when badly used.

Michel Robert for Team WOW