Rewards the time

It takes significant psychological skills to educate and train a horse. One of the main concepts consists in ‘rewards’. Rewards and prizes are constructive, while fear of punishment is destructive. If we force matters to achieve results, this will cause behavioural issues and reactions that are very difficult if not impossible to solve. We must therefore learn to control our actions. If training is carried out calmly and peacefully, the horse will learn and remember lessons more quickly. It takes time not only from a practical training perspective, but also when it comes to attention and concentration regarding the physical and psychological development of each horse. However, once communication is established, everything will follow naturally and with complicity. Calmness and forward movement must be the basic concepts from which one should begin. When one receives the correct response, then one rewards the horse generously and it will feel proud about what has been achieved.

Time remains the most significant element. Without it things are done in a rush, in one’s spare time, in a distracted manner without paying the necessary attention. The risk is that one will not make anyone happy, not oneself, not the owners and even less the horses. Anyone who has experience in training young horses is well-aware that it requires time and patience.

Michel Robert for Team WOW