Oxers: remain calm...

Compared to vertical jumps, oxers require more vigilance. Whatever the height is, riders and horses need to feel at ease. For this reason, it is necessary to adjust the energy level required to approach the jump, starting from a distance, while maintaining a slightly faster canter.

Worried riders tend to maintain a lower energy level from a distance, and then speed up when approaching the oxer, which only leads to chaos. 

To remedy this problem, I recommend working on confidence. For this purpose, it is best to start with basic sequences of jumps and the right distances. On the same oxer, the jump could be more or less easy, depending on the level of trust that one has established. I recommend starting with slightly elementary (10 cm difference in height between the first and second pole) and not too wide oxer. Once trust is established, one can slightly increase the width while maintaining the same height.

Keep up the good work!

From ‘Michel Robert, Diary of a Champion’
Photo Stefano Secchi, Images