Our 8 priorities

  1. A correct position allows us to not compensate for errors with actions such as, for example, avoiding loss of balance by hanging onto the horse’s mouth. Having the best possible seat means being ready to move in any direction any time, be it forwards, turning or stopping.
  2. Before starting a training session, one must devote at least twenty minutes to warming up the horse at all three gaits. During a warm-up session horses must move forwards and with freedom of movement.
  3. At any stage in training, one must always respect recovery time with breaks between gaits, riding on a long rein and always rewarding our horse.
  4. We must prepare progressively to train over jumps using gradually more complex exercises such as trotting over ground poles and cavalletti as well as cantering over in-and-outs built using poles and cavalletti.
  5. We must correctly refine all the priorities necessary for jumping a track in terms of direction, speed, pace and steadiness, harmony and calmness…, performing ‘tests’ on basic exercises that do, however, ask all the right questions.
  6. We must always follow the principles of progression, starting from the simplest task and, when we are certain we have accomplished it well, moving on to the next more complicated one.
  7. The simple things are those we need to learn. If you are worried, do not hesitate to take a step back and make the exercise easier.
  8. We must control our thoughts: replace the faintest weakness with courage. Fear does not exist.

Michel Robert for Team WOW