Lunghing horses, this unknow talent

Lunging is often underestimated or used only to exercise horses when one cannot ride them. It is, however, actually fundamental for improving communication with horses and addressing key issues in greater depth

If carried out following the rules, it is a vital system for improving one’s knowledge of horses, discovering their weaker points, helping them overcome them and enhancing one’s relationship with them.

Lunging is the only phase in which the rider can take all the time needed to observe and listen to the horse, without worrying about himself. The horse, in turn, released from the weight of a rider in the saddle, can move its entire body with its natural balance with no interference or limitations.

The connection with the horse must start from the ground. Each party becomes aware of the other, free from all physical dependence linked to ridden training. The horse studies its rider’s reactions while the rider learns to understand what the horse wants to express, based on signals it sends. We must learn to use this fundamental tool regularly.

Michel Robert for Team WOW