Allow the movement to lead you

Many mistakes are the result of our thoughts and we must therefore try and behave in a manner that is free of all constraints caused by fear, resentment or our will…

Se sono le emozioni a dominarci, la capacità di analisi viene alterata e le azioni perdono di efficacia. It becomes impossible to establish communication with the horse ensuring that what we are asking for is clear and understandable.

Once our thoughts are in order, we can freely focus on our bodies so as to get as close as possible to the ideal seat, which is fundamental for communicating effectively with the horse. Anything not concerning the action of the moment must be eliminated. It is crucial not to ignore any worries that may come to mind, but, on the contrary, be aware of them and classify them in a ‘folder’ of things to be dealt with later when we have dismounted.

One must therefore make an effort to ensure that one’s mind is 100% attentive to our feelings, to perception of events and to analysing our own body as well as the horse’s so as prepare for the next task, be it working on the flat or jumping.

When it comes to taking action, all parameters will have been taken into account and we will be able to “allow movement to happen”, in unison with our horse and without interference from our mind.

Michel Robert for Team WOW