It is here, at home, that everything begins and we prepare for our shows.
After breaking-in the horses there is serious hard work, training with a commitment and study that continues day after day. Our challenges or goals never change and that means that all this must take place in what is a peaceful environment for both horses and riders. This tranquillity is the result of strong commitment, discipline and a willingness to make sacrifices, leading to equally great respect, care applied as well as “listening” to every horse in our stables.
Our horses, however, also enjoy themselves, galloping carefree in our green fields with a smile on their faces and their manes blowing in the wind!

And it is here, from home, that Team WOW leaves to compete in shows,
to then return home, often after a successful outing and having always gained more experience to be studied, because learning… never ends.
For all this, which is above all a lifestyle, and for the command with which this method is passed on, thank you, Michel Robert!